About Anna Yang

Anna Yang is a dynamic entrepreneur and a key figure in the real estate industry. Her career journey has been marked by innovation and a commitment to delivering exceptional accommodation experiences. Anna is a partner at Invest & Co Realty where she has played an instrumental role in shaping the company's direction.

Anna's journey with Invest & Co Realty began with a shared vision for excellence in real estate. As a partner, she brings her entrepreneurial spirit, market insights, and dedication to client satisfaction to the forefront of the agency's operations. Her contributions have been pivotal in establishing Invest & Co Realty as a client-focused and forward-thinking agency.

Anna is a recognized specialist in the field of short-term accommodation. Her expertise includes managing and marketing short-term rental properties, ensuring a seamless guest experience, and maximizing returns for property owners. Her knowledge extends to platforms like Airbnb and other popular booking platforms. Anna's commitment to innovation has made her a trailblazer in the short-term accommodation industry. She leverages technology and industry trends to optimize property listings, pricing strategies, and guest interactions, providing property owners with a competitive edge in the market.

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