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Peter McCoy is a distinguished figure in the real estate industry, boasting a career that spans several decades. His journey in real estate began in the early 1990s, and since then, he has been a driving force in the Gold Coast property market.

Peter's career highlights include serving as the Principal of a major agency office in the Gold Coast. During his tenure, he demonstrated exceptional leadership, market acumen, and a commitment to providing clients with unparalleled service. His ability to lead a successful real estate office was a testament to his dedication and expertise. In 2019, Peter made a significant move in his career by joining Invest & Co Realty. His arrival at Invest & Co Realty brought with it a wealth of experience and knowledge that would benefit both the agency and its clients.

As the Senior Sales Manager at Invest & Co Realty, Peter leads the sales team with a seasoned hand. His role involves providing guidance, mentoring, and strategic direction to the team. Peter's leadership style is characterized by his commitment to teamwork, professionalism, and achieving outstanding results. Peter's extensive experience in the Gold Coast real estate market makes him a true market veteran. He possesses an in-depth understanding of local market dynamics, property trends, and negotiation strategies. This knowledge allows him to navigate the complexities of the industry with ease.

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